I do want to make something very clear. While this is indeed a space dedicated to EMS employees, family members, fans, and people who accidentally wandered in, I am (very) obviously not actually yet an EMS professional. Below lies the plan.

I am about to take the NREMT for Basic and I've already started the AEMT program, which will be done in June. I intend to continue to paramedic, but I'm not even going to guess that timeline. Keeping all the crazy add-ons open as well. I like continuous learning. 

This concept is intended to document it all. I will be judgey, funny, raw, petty, completely wrong, unequivocally naive, occasionally wise, and possibly entertaining enough for you to stick around. 

E & I will be hysterical, informative, out of line, annoying, comforting, insightful, full of wine, and weird as hell. We promise.

I will make suppositions and push boundaries precisely to be as candid as possible and be corrected and perhaps learn a thing or two in the process.

Let's fucking go, y'all.

Olivia Romero-ReedComment