Since I’m obsessed with podcasts, I would love to do one of my own. There are so many terrible ones out there that nobody would notice this one, right? 

I need to come up with a solid theme. E and I thought about pairing alcohols with my stories from the field, but that’s so broad and I don’t know that I’d have a story worthy of that every week or two. 

I think I’ll talk some about the educational aspect but I don’t want that to be the focus. I want it to be a comedy. I could have guests - professors from the academy (I’ve loved pretty much every single one of them) and other students (the other Musketeers from the accelerated program), random friends that are not in the field just to see their reactions and perhaps hawk their products because let’s be honest the only other people I know are beer people. 


Olivia Romero-Reed