Media on my mind

Great reads, podcasts, etc (mostly) pertaining to EMS or booze.


Wine & Crime

Holy Credonia

Kindred cacklers, these three friends of decades and over continents are ferociously intelligent and informed commentators on the macabre as well as your new drinkin' buddies. Their wine info and pairings are legit. Lucy spits research while Amanda and Kenyon spit...well, wine.  


I heart autopsy

Nicole Angemi

If you're squeamish, this is not for you. Mrs. Angemi censors nothing in her immensely educational Instagram account. She spends the extra time to explain the body in terms almost any of us can understand, and for that, I thank her. Also badass tattoos.

Last Podcast On the Left

Hail yourselves

Three dudes having a slumber party, No Girls Allowed. One of the best-researched podcasts out there (Dogmeat Marcus) with a hilarious and uncanny chameleon (He's-Got-A-Million-Of-Em Henry) and the voice of honey (Mayor Ben). Don't skip the more esoteric episodes; they aim to match strange with strange. 


EMS Field Guide


This is too handy-dandy not to add here. Small enough to cart everywhere so you're not up a creek in a pinch. I mean, it's even color-coded.

a Thousand Naked Strangers

Kevin Hazzard

Based in peachy Atlanta, Hazzard worked at the infamous Grady. Parents, you're gonna want to read the first chapter then put it down and slowly back away. "A former paramedic’s visceral, poignant, and mordantly funny account of a decade spent on Atlanta’s mean streets saving lives and connecting with the drama and occasional beauty that lies inside catastrophe."

My Favorite Murder


This was the first podcast to which I ever listened, courtesy of E. True crime. Two women.  The F Word Murder Show. This show is gruesome, touching, and hilarious, hosted by your new best friends. I actually shed a tear over a surprise guest on one episode. Trust me - you'll soon become a Murderino.