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O&E pair booze with EMS stories, emotional rollercoasters, dark humor, mental health, pants, and food. A wormhole into Emergency Medical Services with *those* stories, professional ups and downs, mental health, where the hell to find pants, and recipes. Don't worry; we're professionals. 


E is an ATL-based alcohol industry executive who refuses to release her background story to remain mysterious and intriguing. (Spoiler: it works.) Flaming red hair, fiery intellect, burning desire for world domination. Reincarnation of Bastet: pet her...WITH YOUR EYES.

O is an ATL-based, NOLA-born emergency medicine-r with the mind of a benevolent dictator, a head full of ideas, and a very lovely swamp witch cackle. Owner of a few alcohol industry certifications from a past life. Let's drink fine booze and talk loudly about things that will definitely not isolate us from polite society.


All information is provided, truthfully or in fiction, by the authors above.